I’m the only girl on the runway for this new manicure trend

I was surprised by how many people were asking me to create a manicure for the Vinylux.

I had no idea how many manicure tutorials had been created.

This new trend of manicure inspiration is happening and the first thing that struck me is the incredible variety of people that are putting their time and effort into creating their own unique manicure designs. 

Vinylux is a name for a very special type of nail polish made from organic cotton, which has a very high content of carotenoids, vitamin A and vitamin C. They are naturally soothing, so they are an easy choice for people who have sensitive skin and want a healthy, natural look. 

This year’s trend is called “Menswear for Men.”

The name is meant to evoke masculine elegance and style, and it is an homage to a certain vintage of men’s wear called the “Fancy Men.” 

The concept is that you wear a fancy suit, tie and sunglasses and create a personalized look.

For example, you might choose a “Dapper” shirt or a “Fashion Man” suit to wear to a bar or at a cocktail party. 

It is also a great way to get the word out about your favorite brands and make them available to the public. 

The first trend to be created for Vinyux is the VNYC Dapper suit.

It is a bold, tailored look, which features a tailored collar, waistcoat and button-down shirt with a collar-stitched belt.

The design is meant for people with shorter legs and short arms.

The shirt is also available in a medium fit, which allows the wearer to wear it as a dress.

The Dapper is also designed to be worn with a white blazer. 

 The second VNYCPalendar is a men’s button-up shirt with an all-over print, which is available in various lengths and patterns. 

I am very excited to see how people are using this new trend and I would love to hear from anyone who is creating their unique manicures. 

Follow @jessicacompton on Instagram for updates.

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