Two new manicures inspired by your favourite Disney characters

Two new Disney-inspired manicures are now available in Australia.

The Disney-themed manicures, called the “Positive Space” and the “Negative Space”, both have a theme that is a bit more playful than the Disney classics, with two new brushes and three different styles of polish.

One of the new Disney manicures is called “Minnie Mouse” and features a metallic glittery gold base with an icy green base.

The manicure is priced at $49.99.

The other new Disney nail art is called the Disney-Inspired Star Wars”Nail Art” and it’s similar to the other nail art in the collection, except this one’s a Disney themed.

This manicure has a bright red base with a golden-orange shimmering glitter.

The nail art has a price of $59.99, while the “Nail art” is priced from $79.99 to $139.99 for a limited time only.

Disney has also created a collection of Disney themed makeup and nail art that’s currently available in New Zealand.

The first Disney themed nail art collection to be available in the United Kingdom, is a $39.99 collection of nail art, which features the same Disney theme but with Disney-related nail art.

The collection includes Disney inspired nails, glitter, glitter and more.

In addition, the first collection of Disneyland themed nail polishes are now on sale in Australia, including the first Disney inspired nail polish, “Pixie Dust”.

This nail polish costs $17.99 and comes in a rainbow of colours.

Disney inspired nail art and Disney themed products are available on eBay from July 10.

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