Woman who posted pictures of ugly manicure looks at ‘beautiful’ look as she goes on holiday

Posted February 07, 2019 09:29:32The woman behind the “ugly” photo of a manicure posted on Facebook says it’s the first she’s seen of it and she’s proud of it.

She posted the photo in response to a comment on a story about the “beautiful” new hairstyles for women on the White House lawn.

But the picture doesn’t look quite right.

The woman who posted the image says she was not sure whether the man in the picture was her husband or boyfriend.

The man in this photo was actually a man from the area she lived in, she said.

“I feel a little bit silly for sharing this picture and I was a little embarrassed,” she told CNN.

“But I am happy to share it with you because it’s a good picture and it’s not ugly.”

She added that she thought the pictures were beautiful.

“It was my first time seeing the ugly pictures on the internet and I thought they were beautiful,” she said.

“I feel really happy for them and proud of them.

I feel like they are beautiful.”CNN asked the woman, who is identified only as Melissa, if she thought she would be seen as a “wearing ugly” woman in a city like New York, where the average beauty rating is 7.1.”

No, I don’t think I will be considered ugly,” she responded.”

My husband is a nice guy and I have two beautiful daughters.

I think I am not the worst person in the world.”

But the comments were met with some mixed reactions.

“How can a woman who lives in New York wear ugly manicures?” wrote one woman on Facebook.

“She’s wearing the most hideous of them all, the ones with the black eyes, red lips, and long, dark brown nails.

It’s not nice to see her wear ugly,” wrote another.”

That’s so gross,” another said.

But others said she was being too hard on herself.

“If I don´t want to look ugly I will just leave the world,” one woman wrote.

Melissa says she’s happy to be seen on her own terms, and she wants to be considered beautiful.

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