How to nail a fall nail with a $250 Shellac french beauty bar

This is a very good tutorial by Shellac’s French Beauty Bar on how to create a fall manicure with a simple shellac french bar.

You don’t have to do any fancy steps or take fancy steps, just leave your nails dry and let them air dry. 

When you’re ready to do your manicure this is the best time to do so.

This tutorial is pretty straightforward and you’ll need to find a place to sit down with the mirror and the bar to get started.

If you want a more intricate manicure you can use an actual mirror, but for the simple nail art tutorial I used the bar for this tutorial. 

You’ll need: 1 bottle Shellac French bar polish (I used a clear one, but any color would work) 3-4 coats of nail polish (I used the clear one) 1 coat of black nail polish (you could also use white if you want) Step 1: Apply the polish to your nails Step 2: Dry your nails thoroughly with a soft towel Step 3: Apply a second coat of polish Step 4: Apply another coat of nail paint Step 5: Dry completely Step 6: Remove the second coat Step 7: Let your nails air dry Step 8: Use the bar as a reference for your manicured nails This tutorial was a little tricky to put together but once you get it down it’s really simple and it will take about 10 minutes. 

The first thing I noticed was that my nails had to be wet and dry before I began to do the step to apply the polish.

I was actually hoping that this step was going to be a little more involved than it turned out to be but the steps I followed were really easy. 

For the first coat of Shellac polish, I applied the polish on my nail. 

I had to go over each section of nail to make sure it wasn’t too wet and the polish wasn’t getting stuck to my nails. 

Next, I used a towel to wipe the polish off my nail as well. 

This step is pretty simple, it just requires wiping your nails and then drying your nails.

I used this tutorial to help me get my nails wet, so it shouldn’t be difficult. 

After the second nail was dry, I started to apply two coats of polish. 

As I said before, this is going to take about five minutes and you should have a complete manicure ready to go by the time you finish the step. 

Once the first two coats were applied, I put the bar over the polish so that I could have more time to let the polish dry.

You should see the polish just start to take on a different shine, so be sure to apply another coat if you’d like to add that extra shine. 

It’s important to use a mirror to get the best results so that you don’t use the polish as a guide for your nails or the bar. 

Finally, I let the nail dry for a few more minutes.

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