When you want a manicure for your toes, but your toes aren’t manicured? Here are some tips

French manicure toe nail polish can be used for almost anything.

If you have a large toe, it can be a good choice for a manicurist.

French manicurists use nail polish in a wide range of nail art applications.

Some of these applications are not so good for your nails but you can find nail art in the spa.

If the nail art you are looking for is not available at the spa, or the salon is not equipped to offer it, you can always buy the nail polish online. 

A few tips to get the best manicure nails you can If you want to do a manicured toe for your feet, or you want the best nails possible, there are some things to consider.

If your feet are small or you have small feet, you may want to consider wearing a shoe polish for a few weeks to see how it works on your feet.

If this is not possible, then a small manicure polish can do the trick. 

To get a manicures best nail art, you will need: 1.

The right size toe nail nail polish for your foot size.

This is important, as the smaller the toe nail, the more nail polish you will get.

You should always have at least 2 of the same nail polish. 


The nail polish size you need for your toe. 

For a normal foot, a size 2 polish will be ideal, but a size 3 is best if you want your toes to look natural and not too thin or too thick. 


The size of your toes and foot size you want. 

If your toes are large or you are a smaller foot, then you may be able to get some nail polish at the local beauty shop for around $5-$10. 

You may also be able find nail polish with a lower price tag in online shops. 


The nails you need to have manicured for the right nail art application. 

I have seen some nail art that will not work with the right manicure.

For example, the nail that I am going to be using in this tutorial will not look right if you have smaller toes. 


The shape and texture of the nail. 

These tips will help you decide if a nail art manicure is the right fit for your size, shape, and texture. 

What are your favourite nail art tips? 

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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