How to use gel manicures and creams in the shower

Gel manicures, creams and scrubs can help keep skin hydrated and moisturized.

Here’s how to use them.


Use gel manicurists to cleanse and hydrate your skin 1.

Apply gel, water, and moisturizer to clean the skin.

You may need to use an absorbent gel if your skin is sensitive.2.

Apply your favourite gel for an instant fix.3.

Apply creams to remove impurities and protect skin from sun damage.4.

Apply a gel to remove makeup to prevent it from clogging pores and leave skin looking fresh.5.

Apply gel to help restore skin’s elasticity and smooth out fine lines.6.

Use gel manicured or creamed cleansers and hydrating serums to help soothe irritated skin.7.

Use cream-type moisturizers for extra protection and to prevent breakouts.8.

Use a gel manicuring cream for a more radiant and hygienic look.9.

Use a gel moisturizer for a soothing massage and soothing exfoliation.10.

Apply an exfoliating gel to dry skin, especially on sensitive skin.11.

Use your favourite exfoliator on the sensitive skin of the face.12.

Use an exfirming gel for a softer and more moisturized look.13.

Apply a gel for smooth skin.14.

Apply exfoliant on the cheeks and forehead.15.

Use an exo-cream for more definition and shine.16.

Apply foam cleanser to the skin, such as a gel foam.17.

Apply eye makeup, such a eye cream, eyeliner or powder to the face for a lightening effect.18.

Apply the gel for extra shine and smoothness.19.

Apply creams for a glow.20.

Use face masks to help seal in moisture.21.

Use makeup remover or moisturizer that helps with skin aging.

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