A $50,000 French manicure can be a dream job

Regular manicures, reverse french manicures and even some of the more expensive products can be downright incredible.

So much so that they’re getting a little bit pricey these days.

But if you want to go beyond the basics and get the best bang for your buck, you might want to check out these manicures from a French beauty brand.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 French manicures to add to your bucket list.

But be warned: you’re not going to want to stop there.

You can also go shopping for your next manicure at the salon.1.

Zodiac MascaraZodiac Mascaras are known for their beautiful designs and stunning colours.

You won’t find any cheaper in the United States than $2,500.

But in France, the prices are considerably higher.

The company behind the Mascara, Zodiac, offers five different styles, including a deep purple one for $2.4 million.

The $1,000,000 “Mascara du Mascar” is a classic with a rose motif and a rose blush, while the “Le Mascarpant” is an elegant black and gold with a purple and gold finish.

It’s the perfect gift for your favorite girl or boy at home or on the go.2.

Zohra’s Black Eye MakeoverZohra has been the go-to brand for manicures for more than a decade, with its unique color combinations, bright colours and sophisticated style.

The most expensive item on the list?

$2 million, which is actually a bit more than one of the Mascars on this list.

The Black Eye is a matte black that has a deep pink hue.

The “Black Eye” has a bright pink, pink, and blue base with shimmery red highlights.

And if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, the “Mara” is another shade with a bright, matte pink with a matte finish.3.

Kallus’ Black EyeMakeoverKallus is known for its sophisticated colour schemes and eye-catching designs, which include shimmery finishes like the “Tinted Lips” and “The Blush”.

It’s a popular choice for those looking for an eye-popping look.

The Kalluses’ Black Eyed Eye is one of their signature colours and it comes in a matte grey, grey and purple.4.

K&G’s Black Face MakeoverThe K&Gs Black Face is one the most popular of the black-eyed makeovers on this year’s list.

Its shimmery, satin finish and matte finish makes it a great gift for the woman who’s on the lookout for a sparkle in her everyday outfit.5.

Zuhrmann’s Black and Tan MakeoverBlack and Tan is a premium brand, and the one with the most expensive prices on this listing.

The brand offers five shades for $1.7 million, with the “Painted Black” shade with pink shimmering.

The darker shade, “Black and Blue,” is a slightly more subtle black.

The “Black Face” is also the most luxurious of the lot, with a satin sheen and shimmering glitter.6.

Zara’s Black Eyebrow MakeoverAt Zara, there are so many shades to choose from, you won’t want to get too stuck on one.

Here are the top five black-and-tan eye-makeovers.

This one has a matte base with a pink shimmer that lasts all day and a pink, blue and silver shade.7.

Oly’s Black MakeoverOly has been around since the ’70s, and it’s the brand with the best selection of the expensive eye-brows.

This shade, the $1 million “Black Eyebrows” is one that’s available in two finishes, black and grey.

The black shade is matte and the grey is a satiny grey.8.

Makeup Factory’s Black & White EyeMakeup Factory makes its name with the eye-filling eye makeup, and its eye-lasers and eyelashes are among the most fashionable in the industry.

The new “Black & White” is available in a satinite shade of grey and a matte, satiny finish.9.

Make Up Forever Black & Grey EyeMake up Forever has a reputation for quality and affordable products.

But there are a lot of things you need to know before you decide to buy one of these eye makeup.

The newest, most expensive one on the price list is the “Black&Grey” eye makeover, which has a satinity-looking finish.10.

Kiehl’s Black Eyes Black & BlueMakeup Kiells is a major player in the beauty industry.

With a big portfolio of eye products, Kiel’s is known to be one of your top choices for a good-looking eye.

This eye make-up is

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