I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t buy this manicure: I’d prefer my nails to look like those of a dog

I’m wearing a brown wig, and I don’t want to be wearing the same wig for two years.

But I was determined to buy this gorgeous, whimsical manicure from the nail salon in my hometown of New York.

The manicure was $60.50, and the designer was $50 a pop.

I could’ve picked up a much more expensive manicure, but I wasn’t going to spend that much money.

What I do love is that the manicure has some subtle touches that compliment the polish and the colors.

There are tiny, subtle strokes of pink in the center, and an eye of gold that gives the manicurist a little bit of a sparkle.

The nail polish is an earthy, pink-orange with an earthiness that works beautifully with the yellow and gold.

I love the small, rounded, pink nail polish brush that is included with the manicures, which is a nice touch.

There is also a clear acrylic base with gold and silver dots on top.

I like the little gold nail art on the top of the brush, and it is easy to remove.

The black nail polish on the bottom is not as pigmented as the top and bottom.

I was a little disappointed in how the polish looked after four coats, and that is likely because the bottle was a bit small.

It was only opaque enough to coat my nail and the rest of the polish.

But overall, I am really pleased with the results and thought the manicuring was very well done.

If you have a few hours a week to devote to manicuring your nails, this is an inexpensive, elegant way to get in on the fun.

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