Blue manicure: Press on manicurist

A lot of manicurists around the country are struggling with a new trend: Pressing on manicursers. 

The move comes as the trend of professional makeup artists going online has become more widespread.

But, as a result, there are still many red-faced red-shirted professionals in the profession who think they’re better than the rest. 

In an email to Polygon, a woman who goes by the name Mandy in the professional makeup world told us her boss at a salon in her area had recently given her a new position: “He asked me to go online to see if I could be the ‘Press On Me’ manicurer, and I thought it was a great idea.” 

This is a common thing to do when you want to make a move into a new field.

But it’s not necessarily a good idea. 

Merry Miles, who runs a beauty salon in Atlanta, Georgia, told us in an email: “The majority of manicure professionals I work with are female.

The majority of my clients are women of color. 

I do have a white clientele, but the majority of the manicure clients I work in are white, middle-aged white women.” 

Maddie McElroy, a professional makeup artist who lives in Chicago, told Polygon that some people who go online are more than willing to make compromises in order to have a better experience. 

She said that the move is common and not necessarily bad, because they have to learn new techniques and make their work more aesthetically pleasing. 

“I can’t stress enough that if you’re going to make it, it’s going to have to be a little bit better than when you started,” McElroys told us. 

McElroy added that her experience with manicurers has been positive, and that the shift is not bad. 

However, she also noted that it’s a good time to learn how to do it properly. 

This isn’t the first time that professional makeup has been accused of being more aesthetically distracting than professional styling. 

It was common for makeup artists to use an electrostatic brush that was designed to mimic the light reflection of a brush on a surface, according to the International Journal of Dermatology. 

Then a few years ago, a man who created a digital mascara for a fashion show, told The Huffington Post that the stylist’s use of the electrical machining had been embarrassing to him. 

According to the man, the stylist was “a professional in her own right and a very good makeup artist.” 

It wasn’t until this year that the woman in charge of the stylists’ safety was fired. 

But the issue with using an electric brush is that it’s a high-tech thing. 

Some professional maintains that it’s safer to just use the manual brush. 

As a result, the Professional Makeup Artists Association of America warns that the safety of professional manicurants is a critical issue in their decision-making. 

So, the issue of the “Press On” move is still something that needs to be worked out. 

If you are a professional makeup artist and know someone who is considering moving to an online environment, please share your thoughts below.

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